Critical AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an emergent set of computer technologies that affect individuals, communities, and societies at a global scale. Touted as a fourth industrial revolution, AI is, nonetheless, poorly understood and subject to hype, misinformation, and anxiety. Though there is increasing talk about making AI “ethical,” “democratic,” and “human-centered,” scholars in the humanities seldom shape these discussions. The result is conversations about AI that lack fundamental understanding of this profoundly social and cultural phenomenon. At the same time, AI research and implementation need collaborative and interdisciplinary approaches to envision new thinking, anticipate social and environmental outcomes, shape forward-thinking policies, engage broad publics, and educate a new generation of students and citizens.

Critical AI is a new interdisciplinary initiative at Rutgers University, organized and led through a steering committee with support from the Center for Cultural Analysis and the Rutgers Center for Cognitive Science. We are currently preparingan inaugural event series in Winter 2021. To learn more about our events, working groups, international partnerships, curricular experiments, grant-related activities, and the new journal we are creating, please email us.